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Camp Able’s mission is to cultivate healthy, independent living for people with special needs through skills based training and equine therapy, with a special focus on using horses that have been given sanctuary from difficult circumstances.


Camp Able’s vision is that self-sufficiency is a reasonable and achievable goal for humans regardless of mental, emotional and physical capabilities, with the full acceptance and understanding of their caregivers and society at large.

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About Us

Camp Able of Buffalo Gap (“Camp Able”) is a nonprofit organization that provides equine therapy to people with special needs and sanctuary to unwanted or neglected horses. At Camp Able, people with special needs experience broad improvements that lead to greater confidence and self-sufficiency, while horses find rehabilitation, care, training and a home.

Camp Able’s main facility is located 10 miles outside Abilene at the foot of a limestone mesa that forms one side of “the gap” that is known as Buffalo Gap. To accommodate ongoing growth in demand for its programs and services, Camp Able recently purchased 83 acres of farmland four miles from its current facility. On this new property, Camp Able plans to build additional grazing pastures (Phase 1) and a covered riding arena (Phase 2).


Throughout the year, Camp Able offers therapeutic riding instruction to individuals with special needs, including those diagnosed with autism, stroke, emotional and intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress and other conditions. Approximately two-thirds of Camp Able’s participants are school-aged children, with the remainder being primarily military veterans.

Therapeutic riding programs are available for both individuals and groups. All sessions are by appointment only with one of Camp Able’s therapeutic riding instructors.

As part of its equine therapy programs, Camp Able created landscaped riding trails to provide an authentic west Texas riding experience. These trails include sensory stations for children with special needs to enhance their educational experience. Camp Able also has a fenced riding arena that provides a more controlled environment for clients with severe special needs and or who are not yet capable of managing a trail ride.


As a horse sanctuary, Camp Able is one of only 13 in Texas. All horses brought to Camp Able are evaluated for use in therapeutic riding. Those not used in equine therapy are found adoptive homes or cared for by Camp Able for their rest of their natural lives. More than half of the horses at Camp Able are used in therapeutic riding activities

News and Updates

Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is a multi-year campaign to help Camp Able meet its current and future growth demands. Camp Able’s current outdoor-only facility results in weather-related cancellations to therapeutic riding sessions, which can impair the progress of individuals striving to overcome physical, emotional, intellectual or social challenges. Further, Camp Able’s horse sanctuary is full and it needs more space to accommodate ongoing requests to provide safe haven for additional horses.

The goal of Vision 2020 is two-fold: 1) to raise the funds necessary to expand Camp Able’s horse sanctuary (Phase 1) and 2) to build a covered therapeutic riding center to support its year-round equine therapy programs (Phase 2).

In February 2019, Camp Able purchased 83 acres of farmland four miles from its current facilities. This property has substantial pasture areas, plenty of underground/well water to provide irrigation and year-round grazing, and a plenty of space for a future therapeutic riding center. The land acquisition was made possible primarily by donations received thus far for Phase 1 of Vision 2020.

As of December 2019, Camp Able had raised $556,353 for Phase 1 of Vision 2020. Camp Able is now working on Phase 2 and striving to raise approximately $900,000 additional dollars. If you’d like to help Camp Able achieve its Vision 2020 goals, please contact us at info@camp-able.org or 325-572-4145.

Abilene Gives 2020 – May 5th

May 5th is an important day for Camp Able of Buffalo Gap. The money raised on this special day of giving – now known as #AbileneGives – helps to ensure Camp Able can accomplish its mission to provide equine therapy to people with special needs and sanctuary to unwanted or neglected horses.

The primary use for funds raised by Camp Able on May 5th is to provide Shelter & Care for the 58 equines currently under its care. If you’d like to help Camp Able on May 8th as part of AbileneGives, please click on the link below for details

P.O.Box 695

Buffalo Gap, Texas 79508



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